New year, more art! I spent this season waiting for spring to come and warm things up to be honest. Despite the sluggishness of winter getting to me, I still did some pretty cool stuff this season to share as per usual, so lets take a look at em shall we? >:3c

slugcat jumps over green dumbass

First draw of the year! Its alright, I guess,,, I like playing with halftones and I know I will again at some point, but I'm not especially proud or unproud of this one.

This and the next couple of drawings were done for Rain World Art Month! I didn't draw for every day, mind you. I'm not a lunatic.

centipede abuse

I did this without using the magic wand tool or using a filter to shade! It was extremely satisfying! MONK BECOMES A MAN THIS DAY. GO FOR THE KILL.

surfing over the speedlimit

I was aggressively proud of how this came out and I still kinda am... Scene drawings are a lot of fun, though maybe next time I should look at more references for water movement. SOMEONE HELP HIM HE'S GONNA DIE

redacted odd slugcat

I still can't FUCKING talk too much about this guy. Just know I drew him for the Rain World event in January. I'm pretty good at making him creepy and I take pride in that fact.

If looks could kill, you'd already be dead

weird gray alien

Chava is a character I created a few years back during a period where I felt less attached to Polaris. Polaris ended up staying my sona, but I kept Chava as his own character.

This is a drawing I did of his original design before I would redesign him the same month. I still like how it came out, so its here.

evolved gray alien

And this would be the new design of Chava! Previously, he was only a mimic of Polaris' species, the Nightslash, but now he is one. Thus, his new design takes a lot of inspiration from the standard she sets while still being recognizable as the same guy.

That's the most you can ask for with a redesign to be honest, and I think I accomplished that here.

purple blindosaur

I've been practicing my ability to draw raptors recently, so the next couple draws will be raptors. Here's Avira! I tweaked his design a smidge here and I'm very satisfied with him now.

small raptor friend

This right here is what I've been working towards for ages now. A raptor that looks somewhat like the actual animal. That shit's exciting. Anyway, This is Dust. Hes a smaller lad, so I drew him smaller. He and the Avira up there are drawn similarly on purpose. >:3c

texturous dino

Texturous style drawings are always a good time and I got a little impatient working on Dust, so I took a break to draw best boy Clovis.

His scar is back on his eye because I never got used to it not being there...

fluffy fucker

I redrew mari for badger boy's stream overlay! He'd been using an old drawing I did years ago for a long while, so I took some time to draw him an updated version! Its one hell of a glow-up from the old one thats for sure.

redacted sleeps

This painting was very out of my comfort zone to do and I learned a lot upon doing it. I can't wait to do more with my new found power. >:3c

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