I've finally exited much of my major slump and now I'm just drawing everything. At this point, sparkledogs aren't my major focus anymore and have instead been replaced by a bit of everything. I'm trying to learn how to anthro so I can draw humans. :(:(

4 very wild sparkledogs

I drew four characters I thought complimented each other's roles from someone's contest and put them in this neat side-by-side. I always wanted to try drawing one of these and I saw that as an oppportunity. No, I didn't win the contest. The contest was cancelled. :(

big chunky sea monster

The Rain World Discord was having a month long drawing event and I drew twice for it. This one and the next drawing. This one is of the game's Leviathan, a large sea monster as one would expect, only this one is partially cybernetic. So like a cyborg sea monster, I suppose. He thicc.

a pair of survival buddies

Don't eat the noodle. Also, dithering is fucking fun.

demon cat

I spent even more time playing with lineart tricks with this one and the next one. I spent pretty much the whole time drawing this listening to screamo and other such angst music. Was pretty great.

very colorful alien maybe?

I thought the markings on this character were gonna kill me, but I managed it fine and it ended up just being fun instead. I think this is also my first proper titty? So first proper titty award goes to this drawing, I suppose.

green chicken egg furry

Did someone say Grembo? Grem2 are a closed species that exists and I participated in an event for it. I picked this lad to draw specifically because of how much they just make me think of dinosaurs, and lizards, and really everything you guys know I love to death.

pink chicken egg furry with cherries

Grembo time, Grembo time! This one is pink and named Cheri! I drew her specifically because of their name and because it gave me the idea to have her carry a basket of cherries. Genius, I know.

crunchy dinosaur

Capy directed me to a 2000 copy of Paint Shop Pro and I decided to make some crunchy art of my boy, Rieper in it. I intentionally tried to go for a look closer to the time and it was a lot of fun. Mess with new programs sometimes, guys. It's great.

very cute tiny dinosaur

Everyone around me entered a bit of a Neopets craze recently and we all choice what Neopet we'd all be. I picked a baby Chomby cause they're just the cutest little dinosaur friends. Tiny, but if they sat on you, there's just nothing you could do anything about it.

alien furry in an old jacket

I drew a Polaris in my really old jacket! It's old, it's beaten to shit, but it's still comfortable. I used the super texturous brush again because I love it many lots.

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