I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about compiling drawings for this season. The majority of what I drew this season was for Art Fight and is already uploaded here. Not only that, but I really did blow a lot of steam this summer on participating so we have at least a month of nothing else! (Click here if you wanna see that~)

But! I was wrong and I do still have some non-Art-Fight doodles to toss up for your viewing eyeballs to catch. >:3c

red & black cat o' thievery

I have an interest in drawings where white space is used as part of the drawing and this is definitely taking parts of that. Persona 5 was a neat game. I should totally do a drawing with its aesthetics someday. This ain't that though. This is a character design made in its honor. Still nice though.

psychic fox winks

This really was where I started fully embracing doing drawings in full texture which I would only harness further during this years Art Fight. This is also as close as I've ever come to drawing fanart for Mob Psycho 100. That's not a good or a bad thing. Just a thing.

lil raptor friend

I hastily made about three references for three raptor ocs that I've had since 2011 for Art Fight and because my ass was bothered by the fact I only had 7 drawings lined up for this page, I picked my personal favorite reference sheet to put here~ This is Dust! He's a good boy and you know he's a good boy because he's BLUEGREEN.

slugcat oc hehe

I still like Rain World! This is a reminder of that! This is The Mercenary. Basically a slugcat who just... really likes pearls.

bori bori bori

I was thinking about drawing a Neopet again since they're really simple, fun lads to doodle. Funny enough, our resident Bori dcb would have a birthday soon after and that gave me the perfect excuse to draw a Neopet!

silver and gold dragon

I take on commissions from time to time and this is one of those! I drew what is essentially the combination of a silver and a gold dragon from Dungeons & Dragons. Very shiny.

red panda mailman

GOOD BOY. GOOD BOY. GOOD BOY. I'm getting better at portraying age through my art and I'm happy!

grumpy fox guy

Okay, so. I started the sketch for this in June and finished it in September. It still counts and I'm putting it here. Resident evil-Sam, Samuel finally has a concrete design and it only took me 4 years.

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