It's that time again! It's time for me to show you some of what I got done this past couple months! :D This season contains more of me trying new things, some drawings that never made it to my DeviantArt, and something quite special that only took me three years to finally get around to doing. Slow, I know.

As of writing this(May 31st), the world is on fire both literally and metaphorically. Hopefully, my ramblings will help brighten things up a bit in these chaotic times. I'm sure some people could use the positivity.

monochrome furry with a sword

If you look back at my 2015 pages, you'll see that oh shit! I've drawn this character before! Without any prompting by the character's creator, Hollowed-Chimera, I decided to draw their old, crunchy oc Hoshi again after about 5 years. I wanted to see how much I improved my ability to draw furries and well... she has also happens to have a goddamn katana. I don't really get to draw characters holding things very often. <:3c

vandagyre only digimon

This drawing came from me and my friends from Somnolescent having a conversation about a Neopet called Vandagyre and how we weren't really fond of its design. I joked that it looked more like a Digimon and so guess what? I drew it styled like a digimon. Doesn't get much more simple than that.

fluffy green slugcat with a longass tongue

I played through Rain World as a modded character called The Saint and I had so much fun that I not only wanted to draw The Saint, but paint The Saint. So I did just that and it came out pretty damn sweet. They're a green slugcat with a world-ending blep and the potential to destroy all life in the world with nothing but the power of orange juice and a plate of lettuce.

vape furry

Won't lie. I totally forgot how to not draw anthros when drawing this not anthro character.

alien dinosaur reference sheet


running blazer furry

Aaren is a character that exists. Using the power of my not-wanting-to-draw-humans, I have figured out a more solidified design for him after... another couple years. I was young and stupid okay? I didn't know how to do THINGS. You can also see me starting to recognize that making every background transparent may get monotonous after awhile.

wingless metal bird

Recently, me and badger boy were able to salvage all my old digital art off my Windows XP from the late 2000s/early 2010s. With that, I rediscovered all my old, horrible MS Paint Pokemon sprite edits from the time. I cut this poor fuckers wings off and called it a new Pokemon. u_u

psychic dragon but metal wang?

AND THEN I GAVE THOSE WINGS TO A LATIOS TO REPLACE HIS WINGS THAT I ERASED. Man, I sure was something as a kid. One day, Skarmory will reacquire their wings and vanquish Latios. Big thanks to Capy as I used her custom brush to draw these two. :3c

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