Jesus cock-sucking christ was this year difficult. I churned out so much art this year and a lot of it was really fucking good so trying to trim the fat to make the length of this more bareable was damn near impossible. I did my best to squish it down and I'll be trying to make this easier to read through by being an obnoxious moron, I promise.

Anyway, did someone say sparkledogs? Yeah, it didn't get much better this year. There was a much bigger range in types of characters I drew, though. You've got all sorts of colorful faces here and most of them aren't mine because I went down a dark road of adoptable obsession around this time. u_u

spook dog yells in ghost

You could make the excuse that it was because I had a shitty computer, but my old computer could barely handle me working on this thing because of how much I was detailing it. Even then right? As I was getting all these drawings ready in my browser tabs, my entire browser lagged out when I opened this one specific image. I think it might just be haunted.

dog with a bandaged neck

One word. Simplistic. It's simple, but it's crisp and pleasant to look it. Sometimes less is more. As simple as that.

fancy dog looses his head

The amount of sheer energy in this drawing sends me when looking back at it. While this wasn't planned, the action lines actually pull your eyes through this drawing and I love it so much.

alien furry smiles

Crazy texture time. I hadn't shown a laris in ages and this was to be The Return of Laris. It ended up not being much of a return, but y'know what? That's okay because we saw the return eventually. I kinda lost my mind a little bit texturing this because it was pretty new to me. Got there in the end.

bunny dog

I over-textured on this one and it really didn't work as well as I thought in hindsight. :/

bouncing sea monster

I wanted to animate pixels so I animated pixels. I think my excuse for the bounce being so stiff was something like "I've spent hours on this already and I just want to be fuckin' done already." In hindsight, I should've been less of a pussy ass bitch.

rude king dog

First drawing with Clip Studio Paint Pro! I hadn't grown into this new program quite yet when I drew this so I hadn't actually customized any of the brushes to my liking. Instead, I used only the default brushes for this one.

unknown dinosaur creature

Dinosaur time! I had a lot of fun doing the markings on this guy, though I really don't know what species he's supposed to be. Probably just something made up in the mind of madlad.

scared, sad blue dog

When I realized I could shade like this in Clip Studio, it only really cemented my love for it.

flying orange dog shows toebeans

I screamed after drawing this because for the first time the colors actually went with the shading. This is still true, but this really does look flatter then I remember. I think its the lineart working against my shading.

blessed aardwolf has a hot cocoa

GOOD BOY IS HERE SOUND THE GOOD BOY ALARMS. This is Pennyverse's much beloved Kevin! An aardwolf with an undying love for tuna, hugs and just generally good vibes. I drew him chilling out with a cup of hot cocoa because he deserves it.

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