Jesus cock-sucking christ was this year difficult. I churned out so much art this year and a lot of it was really fucking good so trying to trim the fat to make the length of this more bareable was damn near impossible. I did my best to squish it down and I'll be trying to make this easier to read through by being an obnoxious moron, I promise.

Anyway, did someone say sparkledogs? Yeah, it didn't get much better this year. There was a much bigger range in types of characters I drew, though. You've got all sorts of colorful faces here and most of them aren't mine because I went down a dark road of adoptable obsession around this time and got myself into much debt. u_u

two lads on a weird tower

I had a tall, stone tower appear in a dream once and I decided I wanted to work it into my stuff somehow, so I painted it with a pair of my dumb adventure furries atop it. I really wanna redo this at some point, though. I feel like I didn't really try as hard as I could've.

really spooked critter wizard

This is here for that expression alone. That is a look of many emotions that all translate into something creepy and its great.

very wispy dog snarling

Another really good expression! I tried something different for the shading this time. It came out looking pretty alright, but it also made all the whites on this character look a bit too watermelon for my tastes.

wooden mob furry with cigar

Why did I put such intense shinies on wood? What kind of wood would this guy have to be made of for it to shimmer in the sunlight like that? Regardless, I think this came out pretty alright. Don't follow this guy's lead, kids. Don't do the cigar it'll smoke your lungs real nasty. u_u

goopy dog raptor

I went all out on coloring the lineart in this one and I've never been totally sure how I feel about it. In some sense, I like it and in others, it's just a bit too much for the eyes to digest for me.

blue n white chicken egg furry??

This right here is a Grembo™. >:3c Still really proud of how it looks, though I really wish I didn't use that green for the shading. I think it could've benefitted a lot more from purple or even red, but hey. This was a year where I was very keen on trying to shade with every color on the spectrum. You win some, you lose some, but all in the name of progress.

bird dog falling

This started out as a really angsty vent using Messenger, but then I ended up finishing it with a background and everything. I went super nuts over it at the time, but now I think it's just... okay. It's got stuff I'm still really happy about, but I ultimately wish it had more of a point to its visuals.

bird dog but just a head

Same character as the last drawing! Except this time, I gave him the DanganRonpa pupil rings if you look really close enough. I'm genuinely frustrated looking at the lack of flow visible in the fur of this and some other drawings of similar design that I did this year.

very nervous mouse

OBLIGATORY MOUSE DRAWING! This is the first and only mouse I've drawn in years. Once again, it's a TFM mouse. My TFM mouse. Cause I felt like it. Don't judge me. :(

gold critter thing takes a swipe

This one suffers from a similar problem to another in this gallery. It looks pretty okay to me(Outside of leg inconsistencies, I guess), but it just doesn't really feel like it was very well thought out because it wasn't. Neat swipe lines though.

umbreon but with metal legs

Pretty sure this is the first time I've properly rendered metal which is cool. This is an Umbreon with metal legs which is also pretty cool.

dog but in a jacket

In this drawing, I learned the power of color palettes and used not only red shading, but also coated the image in a low opacity red overlay. What you get is an image with an almost warm evening type feel and I'm absolutely in love with it.

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