In 2016, I began working a lot more with programs like Paint Tool SAI and Firealpaca, I finally got my first tablet(It was about goddamn time. Around this point I was starting to get frustrated drawing with a mouse.), and I started to experiment a bit more. Throughout this year, you see me attempt different methods of doing things. Some that worked, some that didn't quite hit the mark.

badly drawn human person

Felt like I should share what my humans looked like at this point. Answer is really round.

weird bird dragon infront of wall

This is Nasuki. Was a bit of a weeb in naming him, I know. :(:( 'Nother dragon lad. I think I've gotten across just how much I loved and still love dragons and dinosaurs at this point. He was meant to be a really powerful, but physically frail dragon with a lot of links to a criminal underground. Pretty sure I came back to Paint Tool SAI around this time?

dragon plays vidya gaem

I could've looked at any reference for any video game controller. Instead, I drew whatever that is. I'm so sorry, gamers. u_u

dino alien but wearing a bee

Hehe beelaris. Spike tail. Stinger. Spike butt. Bees. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

moth sitting on a crow's beak

The first and last bit of respect Mythos got was a light redesign. I'm so sorry. u_u

dragon being ominous

I still really like how menacing this looks. Perfect for Farsight, a character just made of stink eye.

weirdly angular dog

WINE AND DINE ME BEFORE YOU GIVE ME FUCK-ME EYES, HOLY SHIT. Geometric canines no bueno no bueno umumumu

cute mouse is cute

This still looks really cute years later bite me. I just wish the legs looked a little more... attached?

moth with antlers i guess

When did 15 year old me actually get good This piece of art still stands as one of the best drawings I've done from this time. How the hell did that happen? I genuinely can't tell you. Maybe it was just me being more patient then usual?

blue and black dinosaur

Definitely not not the best thing I've drawn this year(I already said which one is) but this drawing always stood out to me as a favorite. I think its because I really like how I stylized a Dilong(Yes that's the name of the species. Shut up.) to look just sort of... huggable and friendly?

cat with clothes

Somewhere in 2016, me and a friend started going back and forth about this kinda lazily done adopt I acquired from someone on DA until we ended up with a story we named "Death's Apprentice". This is the protagonist of that story idea, but as a cat because Goddamn Motherfucking Furries™.

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