Hoo.. So theres a lot for this year. As of year 2020, I've set up a seasonal system to control this a little better, but I don't feel like attempting to properly date every last one of these old drawings by date and even day. So I've just suited up this year and any other years like it with multiple pages instead. I'm trying to save your computers!

Anyway, this is the year I started working primarily with programs like Paint.net and more especially, Paint Tool SAI. Also Fire Alpaca, but only just enough to tease, really. This year is also the year that marks the birth of Polaris~ Or... a beta version of Polaris anyway. Back when she had spider legs for some reason. And was male. Adolescence sure is weird.

butterfly harrassing random dinosaur

Don't ask me what kind of butterfly that is. I don't know. I make that shit up on the spot. I thought and still think this is pretty crisp despite being really simple and done with a fucking mouse.

random dinosaur being spooky

Y'know how you doodle a dude in class and decide to draw him again, but never give him a name or acknowledge him ever again? This is what happened to this poor sap. He's just a random raptor dude with just the longest body ever.

ice dragon stands in snow

This guy is Borealis, an ice dragon that can only be seen when its cold out. I like to joke that I only draw him once a year because it's true. Poor guy was just about to make his debut in "Visrak of the Inferno" before I stopped working on it because I got stuck and realized it was shit. I, then, tried to force him into "Pathway" which was about as futile of an effort. Poor guy just can't catch a break.

paper doodle of an alien thing

This is not an early Polaris! Infact, this is a Nightslash, a species of weird alien dinosaur bugs I made for a science project in middle school. We had to design a creature that could live on a selected planet in the Solar System. Twas pretty dope. I took hardcore inspiration from this creature when designing and developing Polaris

alien looks like dinosaur now

Yes. I only gave Polaris dino legs so I could draw him easier. Don't judge me. Bug legs are hard. :(

naked nyancat hunts for poptart

Alternate title for this? Nyan cat is naked and on the fucking hunt.

purple dinosaur does sick flip

Really old oc, this one. This is Avira, a blind raptor who, for some reason, liked to read books despite being a dinosaur. He's doing a sick flip like he's straight of Attack on Titan for some reason. Pretty sure I just drew a pose I thought was cool and said ok sure. I didn't really think about how badly he'd have to dislocate his shoulders to pose like this. <:3

robot dinosaur spooks again

Somehow, my redraw of spooky Quiver isn't actually as spooky as the original spooky Quiver I drew. I made these two within the same year of each other so I really have no clue why I redrew it so quick. I guess even back then I was dissatisfied with the original. Also, I'm pretty sure I managed to put the background over him as an overlay or something so thats why it looks like that. Don't do that, good gosh. It makes him look transparent.

dinosaur spooked by dinosaur

R.A.E the weirdly radioactive velociraptor was a thing that happened. This sauropod dude he's harassing(Glass) didn't get a name for like 3 years but that's okay. I just really like this pose to this day because it really is just Glass looking at R.A.E on his head like "bitch tf".

cyberdragon touches the screen threateningly

I made an oc called Sever during spooky Halloweenie times the year prior and I got so tired of my computer crashing everytime I tried to draw him that I turned his character into a computer virus that threatens to stab your monitor. Game fucking over.

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