Hoo.. So theres a lot for this year. As of year 2020, I've set up a seasonal system to control this a little better, but I don't feel like attempting to properly date every last one of these old drawings by date and even day. So I've just suited up this year and any other years like it with multiple pages instead. I'm trying to save your computers!

Anyway, this is the year I started working primarily with programs like Paint.net and more especially, Paint Tool SAI. Also Fire Alpaca, but only just enough to tease, really. This year is also the year that marks the birth of Polaris~ Or... a beta version of Polaris anyway. Back when she had spider legs for some reason. And was male. Adolescence sure is weird.

robot dinosaur icon robot dinosaur icon but more approving

An icon I made of Quiver to wear around on Deviantart back in the day. The second one isn't one I used, but just a funny little edit I made that I thought wouldn't hurt to share here too since these are so tiny.

really poorly thought out independence day drawing

This was uploaded to Deviantart weeks prior to me properly introducing this character on the site which completely changes the thought I had for years that THIS character and my CURRENT sona were made at the exact same time. Either way, this is a dumb little 4th of July doodle of Mythos, a character I'll talk more about further down this page because I'm feeling betrayed by my memory and we'll be seeing her again anyway. :'( Also... sideways French flag? "Hi, yes I'm a 14 year old American child with toaster brain that doesn't know colors."

mouse sits at a bar and hates the world

I used to hang out on the ingame forum of Transformice, "The Cafe", a lot in 2015 or so. Back when it was filled with stupidity, memes, flamewars, anything a bored, lonely tween could ask for. This is one of the more well known users from that time, Corehunters. Their entire gimmick was going into every single conversation, saying "gtfo" and nothing else. Who knows where they are now. Probably off having a life outside of dumb multiplayer games somewhere.

dinosaur with a hat stands

I kicked off my online presence back in 2012 with Dino Run Multiplayer believe it or not. Its essentially a pixelated platformer where you're a dinosaur trying to escape the great Cretaceous extinction. This was my avatar from that game! I had a top hat, bitches. >:3

horrible abomination with too many legs

I watched a fuckton of those really old cryptid videos on Youtube and I ended up dreaming up a creature that was a weird amalgamation of a cryptid I saw and something vaguely based in Spore, but also not really? It bit my hand like a jerk. :(

mouse giving blep

I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. I only really have this here because I felt like I wanted another mouse drawing to represent the fact I drew several this year and went with this one because I think it came out the cutest. Its got a little blep, sharpened-zucchini hair and everything.

robot dinosaur but depressed

I roleplayed Quiver this year and I had a plotline where he learned he killed his own creator, the same one he'd been looking for unknowingly for years. This is the result of me wanting to draw robot angst.

an alien and a bird

Finally, the OFFICIAL introduction of these two characters. This is Mythos and Polaris! Two characters that were designed to be duel sonas. Both of them still exist, but Polaris is obviously the sona of the two thats remained dominant as an avatar and sona since this drawing was made. Mythos faded out as a result of a lack of that strong connection and my inability to actually draw birds.

carrot with wings flies into the sun

Churro is back! I can't believe I spent a year with a drawing of a vegetable flying into the sun as my ID picture for Deviantart, but I absolutely did and its hilarious.

just a bunch of condiment colored dragons

An attempt at drawing what the ghost dragons, Ignis and Yoko used to look like when they were alive. Definitely based on a circuit pattern, defintely not still canon, and definitely not still taken as inspiration for what is canon. Just a very weird design concept for what are meant to be medieval dragons. Yoko looks like she mutilated a bottle of ketchup.

fire dragon

Back in 2015, I wanted to write a story at some point, but I made up it as I went along and it ended up only getting one chapter. That story was "Visrak of the Inferno" and this is the main character, Visrak. I changed his name to Vulcan pretty quick, though, because "Visrak" isn't a word. Or a name. He's made of fire. That's pretty cool. This drawing is crazy crunchy looking back on it, but I thought it came out dope at the time. Don't even ask how I colored him so sharply. I genuinely don't remember how I pulled this off. Something something magic wand perhaps?

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